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Xiaojin Outong is one of the leading manufacturers of flat rolled steel and long steel products with annual production capacity of over a million ton, product range includes color coated steel, hot-dipped galvanized and aluminium-zinc coated steel, pipes, and profiles etc.

Color Coated Steel
Name:Color Coated Steel
thickness:0.12 - 2.0mm
width:600 - 1250
ID:508 / 610mm

Using high quality galvanized steel sheet as substrate, and after forming the chemical conversion layer on both sides of it by surface treatment process, and then paint it with primary coating and finished coating which consist of polymer resin to create high quality color coated steel products of XiaoJin Outong! The chemical conversation layer, the primer and the finished coatings, every layer contributes a unique and significant share and guarantees of the reliable, durable and excellent quality of the products from Xiaojin Outong. 

Color coated steel products from Xiaojn Outong not only take galvanized steel sheet as its base metalbut also other base metals such as cold rolled steel, electrogalvanizingAlluminium-Zinc alloy steel. 

The coating of XiaoJin Outong’s color coated steel products include: Polyster, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Silicon Modified Polyester, High durability polyester, Poly Vinylidene Fluoride, and other paint systems to achieve thequality and demand as per application of the products. 

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