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Xiaojin Outong Middle East Marketing Team recently went to a trade show, which has the biggest influence in Middle East, SAUDI BUILD EXHIBITION. As a professional exhibition focused on architecture and building materials in Middle East area, this exhibition provides a chance for global steel materials suppliers of interacting face to face to buyers from every country in Middle East, and it also sets up a brand new profit platform for Xiaojin Outong global strategies of foreign trade, which establishes the broad strategic foundation of expanding international business field, securing Middle East market and widening Middle East business field in 2017. 

Although global economy and consumptive performance is continuously weak, Middle East, the global center of black gold, is taking a fundamental change with national strategic transformation. Super development projects with national level planning and modern integration steps of changing dessert to metropolis attracts more and more top-ranking multinational companies and global service industry big shots into UAE(United Arab Emirates), there are more and more local commercial office buildings and hotels, which has a increasing need for steel products on a daily basis. As a major developing force in steel industry, our company makes a huge effort in recent years advocating strategic cooperation and innovation and creation, keeps enhancing the excellent brand influence of Xiaojin Outong. This time in SAUDI BUILD EXHIBITION Industry exhibition, with better technology, more excellent quality, more creative ideas and more professional service of our company, Xiaojin has gained attention of many national level clients from Middle East countries and business negotiations in this four consecutive days exhibition period.

In this exhibition, our company has received more than 200 visits from clients in Middle East and some of them, including our old and new clients, has reached and signed cooperation agreements. We have achieved so many results from our first time participation in SAUDI BUILD EXHIBITION, which shows that Xiaojin Outong global strategy in foreign trade has won a big success in opening Middle East market. We, Xiaojin Outong, will take this as an opportunity to expand new clients resources.

In this exhibition, our marketing staff communicate with clients patiently and professionally and answer customers' questions quickly and promptly. The brand image of Xiaojin Outong and the customer-centered service theory has won many recognitions from International clients. Many customers from Arabic countries and some of the big local companies who use or trade our product have stated one after another that they want to enhance communications with Xiaojin Outong and look forward to wider and deeper cooperation with us.

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