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Journey to Thailand

In 2016, the global steel market is at its downturn period, but people in Xiaojin Outong have no fear against this situation and calmly deal with every obstacle along the way, which establishes the firm foundation for fully fulfilling the 2016 integrated operation strategic goal.

To inspire the working passion of the whole staff, to improve the combat capability and rallying power of Xiaojin Outong team, to embody our company humanism vibe and to bring forth the view field of management staff and marketing elites, our company decided to organize "Journey to Thailand". In 22th of November, more than 30 employees of Xiaojin Outong were ready to embark on a five day "Fun Journey to Thailand".

According to the scheduling, we have travelled to one after another famous places of interest, appreciated the local custom of Thailand and fully enjoyed the comfortable and casual travelling life, all of which are the results of our hard work. Through this journey to Thailand, we not only felt the beautiful natural scenery in Thailand, enjoyed the fun and carefree in travelling, we also felt the warmth and care from our company. It is our unanimous opinion that this meticulously organized journey set us free from busy work, striking a perfect balance between work and rest. For one thing, it benefits the physic health and personal interests of our company staff, for another, it also inspires the working enthusiasm of our staff, who can work in a proud state and create more greatness for our company again!

As the scale of our company gets bigger and bigger, the Xiaojin corporate culture gets mature and condensed and the management mode gets standardized and complete, our company's human-based management gets fully manifested. Based on the starting point of further improving our company cohesion and friendship as a team, this journey is a interactive activity whose goal is to let us edify our mind, free our thinking, harden our willpower and open our view field. Our company has always believed the management philosophy of human-based development and service-based benefit, we hope to build for each employee a career platform, on which they can liberate themselves and release their charm. Not only did this journey ease their daily working stress and nervous feelings, it also purified their mind, improved their self-cultivation, which enhanced the team cohesion ability and fully manifested the corporate spirit of our company. We will engage in our work with more enthusiasm, continue to advocate team spirit, fight for greater performance for our group and at a brand new year gain more value in our life.


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