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Korea KINTEX International Building Material Exhibition

On February 22-26th ,the grand open ceremony of 2017 Korea KINTEX International Building Material Exhibition was held in Gyeonggi Province. Central Asia Department in Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company is well-prepared for this exhibition. Our staff bring key and new products to KINTEX. Those products represent the trend of steel industry and become one of shinning points in the exhibition.

KINTEX International Architecture Exhibition is one of the most professional and recognized architecture and decoration exhibition in Korea, it attracts visitors and purchasers around the world. This exhibition is officially treated as a national brand by Korean Trade and Energy Department.

At the exhibition, Central Asia Department positively looks for potential business and partnership opportunities. Local market is expecting to have a deeper connection with Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company whose products are quite popular in Korea. Our company and products are highly recognized by stable local clients, they all have confidence to expand business scale with us and create the future together.

At the exhibition, our staff take care of more than two hundred clients, sending more than two hundred brochures and one hundred samples. With the advantage of steel technology and the increasing amount of exported steel, more clients trust quality of products made in China, and are interested in competitive prices from Chinese suppliers. During the exhibition, many clients show their great interest after the introduction of Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company, and would like to make the schedule to visit our manufacturing plants and see if we have chance to cooperate.

KINTEX is the only certificated international architecture exhibition in Korea. This is a perfect opportunity for us to have more influence in Central Asia market, it is also a window for overseas clients to know us better. Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company spreads its brand name widely through Television, Internet and App service, our company also gains the trust and reputation from the world as a reliable steel supplier. 

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