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2017 Ukraine International Building Materials Exhibition

Ukrainian International Architecture Exhibition is the largest architecture exhibition in Karina. Ukrainian group in Central Asia Department from Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company is well-prepared for this exhibition and brings key and new products. This exhibition is hosted by ITE Group in the International Exhibition Center in the capital of Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev, and this project receives tremendous support from National Construction Department and National Construction Union. Members in Middle East Department from our company have participated in this project a couple of times, having a big picture of the trend of steel industry in local market. This helps our company accelerate the speed in Ukrainian market.

During the exhibition, Middle East Department takes care of professional visitors and experienced purchasers from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, Germany, Iran, Turkey and America etc. Our competitive products and advanced technology are highly recognized by friends in the exhibition.

Ukrainian geographic location is important for the world. It connects Russia in the east, connects Black Sea in the South, connects Belarus in the north and connects Poland, Slovakia, Hungary in the west. Ukraine is the member of European Union and have a deep connection with Russia in politics. In recent years, the economy has been increasingly growing in Ukraine, Government expands the investment in the basic construction. The strong economy leads to a huge demand of steel products in Ukraine. The capacities of local manufacturers can not meet this demand and right now the country imports 80-90% of steel products overseas.

Central Asia Department from Shanghai Xiaojin Industrial Company has built a stable foundation, setting up the office and expanding business in Ukraine. Finally we will step in Russian and European market to make our global dream come true!

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