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The international architectural exposition of the global strategy of xiao jin foreign trade.
         On September 13, 2017, the 20th panama exposition grand opening international construction and residence, the noise Jin Guoji marketing with core products in the building expo, understand the central business and building material technology, intelligent and interconnection of globalization results show exchanges and customized products to meet customer needs.

The republic of panama is the southernmost country in Central America.The panama canal is located in the middle of the Panamanian country, connecting the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is known as the "bridge of the world" and has an important strategic position.

            Panama has experienced a rapid development period, to make it into the economies of scale on international and regional, is a collection of modern international trade center, logistics, finance, technology and communication services in a region, panama's economy is one of the more stable countries in the central American countries, the economic depend mainly on the financial sector, tourism and logistics industry, accounting for 75% of GDP, per capita GDP of $13090, the highest in the central American country.Panama's GDP grew by 6.2% in the first half of 2014 to $17.316 billion, according to a report by the national bureau of statistics (INEC).The report noted that in the first half of the year, the fastest-growing sectors were mining and construction (accounting for 28.58 percent of GDP).

           The alaihan project in western panama is one of the major projects undertaken by Chinese architecture in panama.The median amount was $137 million.The project covers an area of 36 hectares with 2,270 residential blocks, commercial districts and university communities.Parks and public sports venues;Office facilities;Roads, parking lots, municipal utilities, water purification and sewage treatment plants and other basic municipal facilities.

          The series of products that participated in the Panamanian architecture expo are the result of the strategic thinking of the science and technology of xiaojin industry.Integrated foreign trade strategy, information security, big data analysis and other technologies to provide users with personalized product solutions.With the strength of steel and non-ferrous metal industry and the quality of zinc layer, the core competitiveness is comprehensively strengthened to provide customers with value products in central and South America.

Talk about the future development of the international Marketing Department of central and South America, said a spokesman for the noise of gold under the guidance of industrial globalization strategy in the enterprise, continue to adhere to innovation chain, establish a new gold value chain, global technology company on the basis of cooperation, continue to in-depth cooperation, to open the alliance form to deal with the change of the whole industry in the future.Chinese and South American exhibitors bring back part of the sample test, follow up the development work, help the quality upgrade, and show the new responsibility of the brand.

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