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The global strategy of xiao jin foreign trade with International building materials exhibition in Moscow, Russia

        2017 Russia Moscow international building materials exhibition opens at the Moscow Expocentre international exhibition center, Apr. 04-07, 2017.The team in central Asia has been showing off the latest technology and new products to impress the audience.

        Moscow international building materials exhibition (MosBuild) comfortably in Russia, eastern Europe and the CIS region the largest and most influential international building materials exhibition, the exhibition this year attracted a total of 63330 professional visitors from all over the world.As Russia's largest trade event for building materials industry, MosBuild effectively displays the development trends of architecture, decoration, doors and Windows, sanitary ware, stone and other industries.

         Russia is the target market for many big international companies. In MosBuild, we meet old customers, potential customers, dealers, architects, designers and other professional trade spectators from all over the world.MosBuild is sooo king art through central Asia market one of the most important exhibition, the exhibitors and the audience not only from Moscow, from peripheral region, Russia also includes, Georgia, kazakhstan, uzbekistan farther in eastern Europe and countries and regions.

        The exhibition is a bridge to the whole world for the team.At the conference, the Jin Zhongya team actively explore a wide range of business and cooperation opportunities, the Russian market demand is bigger, the loud for gold products look forward to further contact and gradually achieve the noise the global strategy of foreign trade of gold.

        In the MosBuild show, the gold team received the market leaders and many big brand companies, reception of clients from all over the world about 200 person-time, issuing CARDS and product manual 200 tallies, samples of more than 100 copies.And from Australia, Austria, belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, the united Arab emirates, Ukraine and Vietnam and other countries buyers to discuss cooperation, a lot of customers said to arrange time to visit our factory as soon as possible.In 2017, we will promote more competitive products, enhance comprehensive competitiveness and realize our vision.

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