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BATIMATEC exhibition in Algeria, Algeria.

        An annual one Algerian BATIMATEC fair is one of the largest in north Africa, the exhibition last 5 days, local exhibitors from Algeria, China, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the united Arab emirates (uae), Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar.The local language is French and Arabic, and English is rarely spoken.In April 2017, xiao jin Middle East African team assembled excellent French and Arabic professional members to prepare for the exhibition.

        The main products Algeria imports from China are stainless steel, construction machinery, auto parts, mechanical parts and so on.According to our customs statistics, China's exports to Algeria are increasing year by year, and the growth rate in the last six years is more than 30%.Algeria has a larger investment outlook, especially in building materials.Algeria imports color from China 5%, galvanized tariff 15%, shipping time 30-40 days.Customer color coating is mainly used for sandwich board, the market demand is big but the competition is fierce.This exhibition will collect about 65 customer information.

        The members of this exhibition and the Algerian local import and export traders have been in negotiations for many times to promote our company's quality color coating, galvanizing, cold rolling, square pipe, hot rolling, etc.Many new customers have the intention to cooperate with the film coating, narrow-band and galvanizing products, and prepare to visit the company and factory in China in the near future.In addition to expanding new customers, the team also visited several long-term cooperative enterprises and maintained the partnership.The exhibition gold team also share information with peers, and with Beijing, hebei, Qingdao, tianjin, shandong, changzhou, etc of enterprise strategic cooperation agreement, and seek common development and win-win.

        BATIMATEC is now the largest construction equipment exhibition in Algeria.The exhibition is a part of the publicity strategy of xiao jin's overseas team, which effectively improves the visibility of enterprises in the market competition.Through the visit to Algeria, whistling, gold team collaboration communication with local distributors and dealers, to find an effective way to develop customer, product promotion and enterprise advantage, successful show gold enterprise image, and Algeria market territory to lay a solid foundation for the expansion of Africa cooperation.

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