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Serbia in the 2018 xiaojin global foreign trade strategy

Serbia, known as the crossroads of Europe, is the only land route connecting Europe with Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and is known as the "Balkan tiger".In recent years, Serbia's national economy has been growing steadily, with increased investment in infrastructure and energy.

In order to deepen the strategic framework of xiaojin's cooperation with eastern Europe, the international marketing team of our company took part in the Serbia international building materials exhibition in April, 2018, to rapidly promote the exploration of xiaojin in trade, environmental protection and other fields, and strive to achieve the goals of the 2018 plan.

Founded in 1975, SEEBBE is one of the largest and most important exhibitions of building materials in southeast Europe.There are 207 international exhibitors, including Slovenia, Czech republic and Turkey in the form of "national exhibition group". Other overseas exhibitors are from 15 countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Spain.

Xiao jin industrial all-round promotion of production link upgrading and construction to encourage the team to explore the international market, the construction of eastern Europe division and product distribution center, to create xiao jin trade "new artery".

It is reported that the special loan for china-ceec cooperation reached $10 billion.China, Hungary and Serbia cooperated to build the railway.Chinese building materials are in demand in Serbia.Serbia international building materials exhibition to attract professional visitors and buyers in Paris, Germany, Italy and other countries the businessman at the fair order series of building materials products, whistling Jin Guoji marketing direct contact with the local customer, grasp the building materials market in central and eastern Europe information, broaden the sales channels, actively engaging in central and eastern Europe building materials enterprises, realize win-win development.


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