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Corporate Culture

Xiaojin Outong is one of the leading manufacturers of flat rolled steel and long steel products with annual production capacity of over a million ton, product range includes color coated steel, hot-dipped galvanized and aluminium-zinc coated steel, pipes, and profiles etc.


To become a globally reputed(prestigious) coating manufacturers and service providers

Core Idea

1. Manufacturer of quality products

2. Entrepreneur of technology innovation

3.Pioneer of forging ahead

4.Provider of steel products

Development Idea

Technology profesionalized

Product standardized

Production of large scale

Mareket globalized

Enterprise purpose

Let customers be satisfied with our sincerity

Let society be agreeable with our value

Let employees be proud with our reputation

Xiaojin Grand Blueprint

Build the most competitive production base of fine steel products in China; Provide for the global buyers the one-stop solution of building materials